Unified Communications

Have you heard of Unified Communication? Maybe you heard it in connection to Voice over IP (VoIP) or hosted phone solutions. But it is so much more than that. Are you still running around the office between the desktop phone, the printer and fax machine, your voicemail storage, while sitting down to answer emails and answer messages in a separate online system. You remember getting some numbers from Bill in Finance, but did he share those over email, in a voicemail, or text them to you? You end up searching everywhere, making you late for a meeting. Conversations and threads of discussion can end up spread over half a dozen different devices and tools - leading to confusion and loss of productivity. We believe that Unified Communication solutions are the answer to this ever-growing problem.

What do these solutions do? Well, they centralize your business communications, so you can find everything in one place. In addition to feature-rich phone systems, you can collaborate more easily with applications such as Cisco's Unified Communication Clients. Move your calls, video conferencing, messaging, and directories all to one application. Not sure when your colleagues are available for a call? Stop playing phone tag and check their online presence - it'll tell you if Jill is in a meeting, away from her desk, or available. This allows for better collaboration within teams. It becomes much easier to share those finance numbers from Bill when you're just copying them from your messenger over to a team-wide email. Integrate your many communication solutions into one, central system.

NEC communications technology

Communications Technology, Inc. has a long standing partnership with NEC. CTI has carried the NEC brand for years, giving our customers the best experience in service and support of their NEC system. Our offering is a traditional TDM solution that fits some clients better than our VoIP offerings.

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Switchvox unified communication systems

Enterprise class phone system at an SMB price - think advanced unified communication systems are beyond your reach? Think again. Switchvox is a feature-rich business phone system that is affordable and easy to use.

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