Pro-Tech Communications, LLC is now part of Communications Technologies, Inc.

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Communications Technologies, Inc., (CTI), a leading managed technology services provider (MTSP) announced that the company has merged with Pro-Tech Communications, a voice services company, in order to expand CTI’s abilities to serve its customers even better. Jeff Allen, President of CTI, has been working very closely with both Gary Antrobius and Richard Stewart over the past several months in order to ensure a seamless transfer of ownership, which has resulted in a very smooth transition. Antrobius and Stewart have decided to remain onboard at CTI, in order to make sure that their customers receive the same high-level of service that they have grown to appreciate over the years. CTI is focused on leveraging all of its technological expertise to expand on the positive contributions that Pro-Tech has offered to their customers and to help them gain a competitive advantage in their respective industries. “We feel so fortunate to be working with such a talented group of individuals,” states Jeff Allen, President of CTI. “One of the things that Gary and Richard emphasized early on, was the high-expectations of customer service.

Everyone spent plenty of time assessing strengths making sure that this was the right fit for everyone involved.” Antroubius and Stewart interviewed several potential merger candidates, yet CTI clearly emerged as the most intelligent choice. Before the transition, Allen spent time personally visiting customers face-to-face in order to understand the unique challenges facing the wide array of industries that they will be assisting.

“Our mission has always been to make our customers’ technology experience simple,” adds Allen. “When everything works properly, employees become more productive, sensitive data is more secure and everyone can elevate their performance. Our chief aim is to help our customers surpass their competition through the deployment of advanced technology and to make not only their businesses better, but their lives better, as well. When our customers win, we win, too.”

CTI has been recognized for exceptional customer service for years, with some customer relationships dating back up to 30 years, and they’ve continued to reinvest, simply because they’ve received returns on their investments. Yet the most exciting aspect of this merger is that it will enable many companies to modernize their operations and boost productivity without incurring dramatic costs. “Our team is very capable of working at a high-level,” added Allen. One of the strengths that CTI possesses is cybersecurity, which has become an exponentially in-demand solution in recent years.

“Over the past weekend, one of our customers was hit with a ransomware attack, and if they hadn’t been working with an MTSP like CTI, their data could have been compromised. Their company has over 150 employees, and, as a result of our relationship, they could conduct “business as usual” because we had thwarted the attack. We’re very comfortable managing data infrastructure and would love to protect more businesses from these malicious attacks.”

CTI has the capacity to work with large-scale enterprises, while simultaneously maintaining the personal touch required to support small to mid-sized businesses (SMB)s. They’ve proven this through technology deployments with organizations like assisted living facilities, financial institutions, large medical organizations and plenty of other prestigious organizations.