NEC Converged Mobility

Multi-line Client (MLC)

Multi-line Client (MLC)

Mobile devices are becoming the primary communications method for most of today’s on-the-go workforce. Along with this expanded use of mobile phones for business comes the challenge of remaining connected and effective, without the functionality of a networked telephone. Weak in-building signals can also be an issue. Moving the call to an outdoor location can make continuing the conversation very difficult- and important calls can even be lost. Today, positive customer interaction and smooth business communications are critical to the success of any enterprise. NEC’s Multiline Client Mobile gives both customers and colleagues easy access to your mobile personnel, while also providing your people with the business tools they need to work effectively while they are on the go.

Polycom Spectralink 8400 Series

Polycom Spectralink 8400 Series

Polycom SpectraLink 8400 Wireless Telephones improve productivity and responsiveness for on-site mobile professionals across a wide range of industries, including healthcare, retail, manufacturing and hospitality. Built on open standards, the SpectraLink 8400 series transforms the delivery of mobile enterprise applications by bringing the power of thin client and browser technology to front-line professionals in an easy-to-use and easy-to-manage interface. Additionally, the SpectraLink 8400 series supports the industry's broadest range of interfaces to enterprise-grade PBX, wireless LAN, and infrastructures to deliver maximum interoperability with the lowest overall cost of ownership in the industry.

Features and Benefits

  • Transform workflows with application, voice, and data integration
  • Maximize staff efficiency by leveraging Web-based applications through the industry's only enterprise VoWLAN device with integrated WebKit-based Web browser, bar code imager and XML-based API
  • Streamline workflows by seamlessly connecting with on-premises peripherals via the exclusive Polycom Quick Barcode Connector™ (QBC) interface
  • Instantly communicate using the Microsoft® Office Communications Server IM client on a dedicated VoWLAN device

Supports the exacting needs of on-site mobile professionals

  • Minimize data input errors with an integrated barcode imager (SpectraLink 8450 model only)
  • Rapidly communicate among groups with integrated Push-to-Talk
  • Maximize handset life-span with industrial-grade over-molding and a rugged design
  • Simplify user training with large display, simple user interface and dedicated soft-keys
  • Operate in loud environments with advanced noise suppression technology

Broadest interoperability based on open standards

  • Connect to the broadest array of PBXs using extensive and proven Polycom UC software based on industry standard Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
  • Simplify deployments with documented and third-party certified AP configurations
  • Install a future-proof solution that leverages the 802.11n standard

Lowest total cost of ownership in the industry

  • Consolidate disparate paging, telephone, scanning, two-way radios, intercom, conferencing, and location tags into a single device
  • Leverage the industry's best warranty policy for repairs and replacements
  • Lower deployment and maintenance costs using on-board diagnostics and centralized management functions

I755 IP Dect Terminal

I755 Digital Dect Terminals

The I755 industrial use handset is designed for use in potentially demanding/harsh environments such as healthcare, manufacturing, retail and warehousing. This robust handset offers enhanced durability, and many different call control options and features that seamlessly integrate with NEC's advanced IP servers. The I755 provides:

  • Enhanced mobility features
  • A large color illuminated graphic display and icon-based menu for ease-of-use
  • A scratch-resistant, protected surface
  • A dustproof and waterproof housing
  • Additional personal security features
  • A speakerphone with excellent sound quality for hands-free operation
  • A Bluetooth module for additional hands-free operation
  • Personal and corporate telephone directory access
  • Advanced call logging
  • Standard rechargeable batteries
  • Integrated call control options

SMB Wireless (ML440)

SMB Wireless (ML440)

EC's SMB Wireless (ML440) solution enables you to provide your employees true on-site mobility with the productivity enhancing features and functionality of their desktop phone.SMB Wireless allows your employees to stay in-touch with colleagues and customers – resulting in improved efficiency and increased customer satisfaction.

SMB Wireless provides a more flexible work environment by delivering on-site wireless telephony through the superior quality of the well-established Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephone (DECT) technology with all of the benefits of IP. It extends the reach of your voice communications by using your converged network to offer feature transparency between the wired and wireless world without any compromise in voice quality, availability and security.

SMB Wireless:

  • Delivers true on-site mobility that improves efficiency and productivity
  • Provides a cost-effective in-building wireless solution built on proven technology
  • Offers crystal clear speech, seamless handover and secure air interface through powerful encryption
  • Provides a powerful web-based management tool that simplifies administration
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Supported on UNIVERGE SV9100 Communications Server

Digital Dect Terminals

Combines the advantages of digital telephony with the superior quality and advanced features of DECT technology.

NEC's UNIVERGE SV9000 Series Digital DECT Terminals combine the best of both worlds. In the process, they help organizations unify their business communications to become more mobile.

NEC's Digital DECT phones work seamlessly with NEC's UNIVERGE SV8000 Series communications servers. Installing Digital DECT is easy, and both data and network remain secure. All communications are encrypted to protect the privacy of the company and its customers.

By adding a DTL-RPT-1 repeater to the system, the coverage area of the Digital DECT telephone system can be extended in all directions – including vertically. The repeaters are installed so their coverage area overlaps the coverage area of the base - then the base hands-off calls to the repeaters as employees move from one coverage area to another. When connected to the repeater, the mobile handset operates exactly as it does when connected to the base. Users never perceive handoffs from the base to a repeater - even during an active call.

This Digital DECT wireless system provides the workforce with perfect voice quality, seamless handoffs and a secure air interface. A company's investments in its existing telephones, applications and network infrastructure are secure.

Fixed Mobile Convergence (uMobility)

Mobile phones are a mainstay in today's businesses and usage only continues to grow. This inherently makes employees have to distribute a separate phone number to business associates or customers so they can be reached and manage multiple voice mailboxes, as well as deal with important calls being dropped from a weak in-building signal.

With NEC's fixed mobile convergence uMobility™ solution from Varaha Systems, Inc., businesses are now able to provide employees with single number reach, unified voice messaging and enhanced in-building coverage through a business's Wi-Fi network. uMobility provides:

  • Single number reach – rings a user's business phone and cell phone simultaneously ensuring no calls are missed
  • Unified voice messaging – all missed calls are directed to a user's business voicemail account; centralizing messages in one mailbox
  • Seamless roaming on and off campus – calls can be transparently bridged from a business's Wi-Fi to cellular networks and back again via a Smartphone
  • Enterprise dialing via Smartphones – enables users to do station-to-station and external dialing; calls can be placed by either entering a 4 or 5 digit extension or a fully-dialed number
  • Improved efficiency and productivity – provides users the capability to handle calls more promptly; streamlining communications and information delivery
  • Increased customer satisfaction – provides customers with a single number to reach their contact on the first try; positively impacting customer service dramatically

By enabling employees to be reached anytime, anywhere – any business can become more efficient, responsive, collaborative and productive.