Unique Uses of Surveillance Systems in Your Business

May 14th, 2019 by admin

Surveillance camera

Video monitoring and surveillance, while extremely important, aren't only for catching the bad guys. Every company needs some form of surveillance system that is tailored for their type of business, whether it be a surveillance system for a factory or plant or a monitoring system for an agricultural farm or restaurant. Having a clear, crisp IP video and camera technology system that fits your business is what Communications Technologies, Inc. does best.

Here are some unique uses for video surveillance:

  • Monitoring growth: Industries in Michigan continue to rapidly expand with new start-ups and businesses from sectors in health and wellness like the new medicinal marijuana industry, to Food and agriculture, as well as factories, restaurants and more. We have the solution with our IP camera technology for monitoring aspects surrounding the facilities. In addition to security, these cameras can monitor the growing process of crops and animals, ensuring that their products are meeting the highest quality of standards.
  • Enhance Employee productivity: When used appropriately and managed correctly, It is proven that employees work harder when there are surveillance cameras around. Electronic monitoring can also take the pressure away from managers having to continually watch people and employees.
  • Remote Access: Managers can remotely check in on all aspects of operations from wherever they are. With our innovative camera solutions, you have the ability to check-in with your computer, smartphone, or tablet with easy to use mobile monitoring applications.

Video monitoring allows for your business to have complete control over operations as well as reducing the chances of crimes and threats to your company, customers, and staff. Learn more about the feature-rich camera surveillance solutions that we offer.

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