Protection for Our Schools

January 29th, 2019 by admin

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With the current social climate and constant fear of danger, everyone agrees that schools need to have enhanced security to keep our children safe and out of harm's way. As technology evolves, we are coming up with new and innovative solutions to both on and off-site security.

Door access control is a necessity for any school, daycare facility, or care center; it allows for only authorized personnel and students with the ability to go in and out of the building and other areas. With our enhanced solutions, door access is now becoming even more secure with camera surveillance integration. Administrators and on-site personnel can have time stamps and monitor who goes in and out of every area of the building. Now, even the police departments and other emergency personnel have access to real-time surveillance monitoring ensuring that there is constant oversight on premise during school time.

The state of Michigan is proactively working to get increased security in schools and school districts across the state. Grants and subsidies have been explicitly given for increasing safety and surveillance. As a leading provider in cutting-edge security technology, CTI is working to ensure that we provide these institutions with the best. We've partnered with top brands and offer innovative features like off-site and mobile monitoring, enhanced door access control protection, and more. Keeping harm away from kids and ensuring for a safe and secure community is what we here at CTI strive for.

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