3 Major Reasons Why Your Business Needs Firewall as a Service (FWaaS)

April 12th, 2019 by admin

A blue 3d cloud with pipes going out and connecting to five laptops, symbolizing cloud servers.

Known as “next generation firewall” is a firewall in a cloud service that is used to protect users on the internet. For businesses on private clouds and networks, it has become all the rage due to the enhanced security capabilities. No longer is there a need for firewall appliances or vulnerable network security software, now with FWaaS, you alleviate the burden from your IT team and have a more secure network from a managed provider.

As technology continues to advance, it is essential to have a security system that is seamless and trustworthy. FWaaS offers businesses that are unmatched; from prevention of threats and infections, improved user interaction and experience and more. Knowing what FWaaS can do for your company may be what you need. The 3 primary reasons why you need to upgrade to Firewall as a Service are:

  1. You need a secure firewall, period. Your business needs consistent security that isn’t faulty or outdated. With a managed firewall service, you stay safe and secure with 24/7 support and prevention and detection measures that keep your data and network safe from intruders.
  2. Full Visibility. Businesses have complete control and can see everything from users, traffic and more due to the centralized management of the network.
  3. Flexible and scalable. With FWaaS, employees don’t have to be at the office to have firewall protection. This cloud-based service protections from anywhere.

All of that on top of maintenance and upkeep made more straightforward due to the eliminated need for physical firewall hardware. With the many benefits of using a firewall as a service, it is no wonder why many enterprises utilize it. This solution allows for better productivity and ease for your IT team and the entire business.

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